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Voltron: The Final Battle DVD

$ 9.99

Product Description

This is it, the last 8 episodes, 195 minutes of the how it all ended! The final battle between King Zarkons forces of Doom and Voltron in this collection of classic episodes leading up to the planet-busting finale of Season 1! Join the Voltron Force as they face their biggest challenges yet; from Haggars evil Omega Comet which threatens to rip Voltron apart, Lotors fearsome Dark Doom Castle, to King Zarkon mutated into the most powerful Robeast himself! Let s Go Voltron Force! EXTRAS INCLUDE: Top 5 Powers of Voltron Force! A special look at the Mattel Club Lion Force Toy Club! A preview of the Voltron videogame from THQ! EPISODE LIST: 1. The Captive Comet (39) 2. The Little Prince (40) - 3. There Will be a Royal Wedding (41) - 4. Return of Coran's Son (48) – 5. Coran's Son Runs Amuck (49) – 6. Zarkon turns into a Robeast (50) – 7. Lotor the King (51) – 8. Final Victory (52).