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Saber Rider DVD 6 Disc Set

$ 40.00

Product Description

52 Episodes on 6 DVDs at one low price! Head 'em out and move 'em out!
From the creators of Voltron comes Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, an animated space western that is best described as Voltron in the Wild West! The Star Sheriffs are an elite operatives of Calvary Command; their mission is to protect the Galaxy from the growing threat of the Outriders. When taking on one of the Outrider's massive Renegades the team combines to form a giant robotic warrior known as RamRod (voiced by Transformer's Peter Cullen).

This DVD set features ALL 52 episodes from the hit TV series plus never before seen extras like Contest Commercials, character bios and theme songs, an interview with composer Dale Schacker, production art and more! Don't miss the chance to add this piece of animation history to your collection at a special Voltron.com price! Only found here!!