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Altimite DX Transforming VOLTRON

$ 145.00

Product Description

This is Voltron as you’ve never seen before! Super Deformed! Fully Transformable! Mini-Pilot Figures included! The 5 lions will form Voltron, and each transform separately. Includes shield & blazing sword accessories.  You may have heard about the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive version that sold out in July. This is the non-exclusive version which Voltron fans have been waiting for! 
  • Super Deformed, Fully Transformable
  • 5 Lions forms Voltron, each transform separately
  • Mini-pilot figures included
  • Includes Shield & Sword accessories
  • Sturdy construction, Made of plastic composites (ABS, POM, PE)
  • Approximately 7" H X 5" W X 3" D