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VOLTRON: YEAR ONE VOLUME 1 Trade Paperback Admira Wijaya cover

$ 19.99

Product Description

For years, Voltron fans all over the world have wondered---why this specific team of space explorers? How did they receive the important mission to bring back Voltron? Were they sent because their superiors hoped they would succeed, or because they knew they would fail? Voltron: Year One comic is written by multiple Glyph Award nominee Brandon Thomas (The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury, Robin), and illustrated by Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award nominee Craig Cermak, featuring issues #1-6 of the comics series as well as a complete cover gallery! SKU: C1606903659 Rating: Teen + Cover: Admira Wijaya Writer: Brandon Thomas Artists: Craig Cermak Colorist: Adriano Lucas Genre: Sci-Fi, Action Adventure, Media Tie in Publication Date: Dec 2012 Format: soft cover trade paperback Page Count: 144+ pages.