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Voltron Graffiti Lion Collection 5 Prints by David Ruggeri NOW SHIPPING

Voltron Graffiti Lion Collection 5 Prints by David Ruggeri NOW SHIPPING

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Limited Edition Giclee Print, 16x13. Run Size: 100 per lion, Paper: Moab Entrada Bright White Metallic finish. Prints do not come framed. Order includes all 5 lion prints.

David Ruggeri has been drawing and painting as long as he can remember. Having studied art during college in the early 1990s Ruggeri stepped away from art and earned his PhD, MBA, Master of Economics, and MPH degrees. Over the next few decades, he worked in areas ranging from law enforcement, banking, higher education, and entrepreneurship before returning to the art world. Ruggeri has used his vast experiences to create and inform his pop art and graffiti-style paintings which range from whimsical to thought provoking. 

 His bold, colorful pieces take inspiration from graffiti and pop culture, and include bright colors and eye-catching patterns. A variety of media and techniques are used to create both his work on canvas and street murals, such as spray paint, acrylic paint, and ink. Layers and textures are developed to provide additional depth to each piece. 

 Ruggeri’s work has been exhibited in premiere galleries including ones in New York City, St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Toronto. Additionally, he has shown his work at nationally recognized art fairs, including those in Miami, Atlanta, Jackson Hole, Aspen, Ketchum Idaho, St. Louis, and Detroit. His works have been purchased by collectors across the US, as well as in Canada and Europe. 

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